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Thu, 05/20/2021 - 09:15 mina.hazlehurst_1

326 ReSPECT Training

ReSPECT is a process that creates personalised recommendations for a person’s clinical care in a future emergency in which they are unable to make or express choices. It provides healthcare professionals responding to that emergency with a summary of recommendations to help them to make immediate decisions about that person’s care and treatment

Who is ReSPECT for?
• Anyone can participate in the ReSPECT process, even if they are currently well, but it may be most relevant for people who have particular healthcare needs.
• The ReSPECT process is best started and the form completed when a person is relatively well.
• The ReSPECT process can be used for people of all ages.
• Any professional involved in a person’s care can initiate the ReSPECT process with endorsement from the senior clinician.

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Publication Date
Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 00:00
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust