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The eLearning Repository

Find and share learning resources


The eLearning Repository is an extensible 'search and discover platform' to support the discovery and sharing of eLearning objects and learning resources held both within the Repository and at external locations.

The Repository team is made up of the following:

  • Programme Lead: Richard Osborn
  • Support, Training and Development: North TEL Support Team

The eLearning Repository was commissioned by the National Library for Health (NLH) in 2008 on behalf of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. With the move of the NLH team to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) to be part of NHS Evidence, ownership of the Repository has remained with the NHS Institute. The leadership and management of the programme now rest with Richard Osborn and Kate Lomax at the London Deanery with training and support provided by the North TEL Support team at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Timeline of the Repository development

  • October 2007 – commissioned by NLH on behalf of NHSI
  • 7th October to 3rd December 2007 – project specification drawn up
  • 14th December 2007 – invitation to tender sent out
  • 30th January 2008 – closing date
  • A consortium was accepted to develop the LOR
  • September 2008 - Beta version went live
  • October 2008 – support service recruited
  • 31st March 2009 – NLH moved to NHS Evidence
  • 1st April 2009 – LOR became part of NHS Institute
  • June 2009 – funding was agreed to continue the project
  • April 2010 - funding continues for the project
  • April 2012 - the eLearning Repository moves to a new home with a new look and many new enhancements!