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Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:36

Clinical Pharmacology and Prescribing (e-LfH)

Prescribe will provide e-learning materials to help medical students (and students of other healthcare professions) to develop a firm grounding in the principles of basic and clinical pharmacology, which underpin safe and effective prescribing in the NHS. It is being developed by the British Pharmacological Society, a major international society for clinical pharmacology, in collaboration with the Department of Health's e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH). 

image2.jpgPrescribe will contain both interactive learning sessions and information covering the pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics that a student might expect to encounter within a standard medical curriculum. Prescribe has been designed to support students in achieving the relevant knowledge and skills outcomes identified by the General Medical Council in its recommendations on undergraduate medical education (Tomorrow's Doctors 2009).

Prescribe will also contain a number of other learning opportunities. 'My Formulary' will be an interactive facility that will allow learners to build up their own formulary of important drugs as they progress through their studies. Prescribe will also provide opportunities for practicing key skills such as prescribing and dose calculations using online simulators. There will also be self-assessment exercises, a library of important publications, a glossary and links to other resources. The materials are intended to complement existing teaching initiatives and will be made available free of charge to students registered with UK universities and NHS-affiliated organisations.

Fatima Almeda
eKAT, Shared Services working on behalf of Health Education South London