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Thu, 01/23/2014 - 13:07 fatima.almeda

Medicines Management (e-learning module)

Welcome to the medicines management self-review module for Nurses

This module has been developed to support nurses seeking to review their practice for the administration of medicines. There is much more to this topic than is covered in the contents of this module so nurses are advised to use this package as the first step in identifying where to concentrate future study.

This package contains two main sections;

  1. An update on the NHS structure, legal aspects of the prescription and selected safety information.
  2. A self-review workbook with ‘spot the prescribing error’ tasks and drug calculation tests.

The workbook with reflective log is designed for self-review purposes and can assist you with identifying your strengths and areas for improvement. The workbook can be printed for you to complete and add to your portfolio or alternatively you can dip in and out of the various exercises online.

This module was originally created by pharmacists for doctors and has been adapted for use by nurses. The aim is to promote safe and effective medicines administration, keeping the patients safety and best interests at the centre of all care. We hope you will use the skills of your team pharmacist to help you with medicines administration issues or concerns about a prescription.

Fatima Almeda
eKAT, Health Education North Central and East London
Publication Date
Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 00:00
Professional Development, Health Education South London (Previously London Deanery)