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The eLearning Repository

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Terms of use

This page outlines the terms of use on which you my use the NHS eLearning Repository. Please read these terms of use carefully before you use the eLearning Repository. By using the Repository in any way, you agree to be bound by these terms.

Access policy

The NHS eLearning Repository is committed to supporting the sharing of learning resources where possible, but due to licencing and other restrictions some material is available to NHS England staff only. The NHS eLearning Repository access policy mirrors that of NHS England OpenAthens.

Authenticated access is available to NHS England staff eligible for OpenAthens access. This includes staff within the "NHS Family”.

The term NHS Family is used to describe staff working for or delivering services on behalf of, or in conjunction with the NHS.

You can check your eligibility at :

Agreement of Depositing Content

When depositing learning resources in the Repository, you are required to have read, understood and agreed to comply with the terms and conditions as defined in this agreement.

About the Repository

•NHS eLearning Repository offers to your institution which opts to be a content partner the possibility to deposit learning resources owned by your institution or duly licensed to your institution.

*The Repository provides a hosting platform for your learning resources which have been funded by and which are cleared for access by NHS England.

*The Repository also provides an extensible search and discovery platform for your learning resources held both within the Repository and at external locations.

*The Repository is not an eLearning delivery platform for playing eLearning objects or taking eLearning courses. Compatible courses can be played via the National Learning Management System.

*On behalf of your institution, you are required to have read the Agreement of Use written with the users of the Repository in mind, and have understood its implications for making the learning resources of your institution available for access via the Repository.

By depositing any resources, you confirm that it is:

* not defamatory or obscene;

* not in any way illegal or infringing any law or any person's rights;

* either your own work or work clear of third-party copyright, that is, you have obtained permission form the copyright holder(s) to publish their material in the Repository;

* The depositor is responsible for creating and/or supplying metadata at the time of depositing learning resources in the Repository.

Intellectual Property Rights

* Being the licensor, your institution is responsible for stipulating the licences for all the learning resources placed in the Repository.

* Your institution is also responsible for clearing all Intellectual Property Rights owned by Third Parties in the learning resources for use by your institution in perpetuity before depositing them in the Repository.


The eLearning Repository uses Cookies for functional purposes, such as for user logins and the collection of website usage statistics. These are anonymised and temporary. We do not use targeting or advertising cookies.

The Cookies this website currently uses are:

- session cookie - for logging in users
- has_js cookie - for checking for javascript
- Google analytics cookies (_utma, _utmc, _utmc, _utmz)

These cookies allow us to track visitor metrics using Google Analytics.

By using the eLearning Repository, you agree that we can place these cookies on your device.

If you'd like more information about our Cookie usage, please let us know.

Complaint Procedure

* In the event that your institution is aware of any learning resources placed in the Repository breaches any applicable law and licenses, you are obliged to inform the Repository administrator expeditiously for further actions.

* In the event that any of your learning resources become subject to complaint, the Repository administrator will remove or disable access in line with our Take Down Policy.