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Summary: Connections Between the Therapist, Model, Family and Context (MindEd)

Thu, 2016-01-14 11:02 -- fatima.almeda

This session is aimed at more experienced/specialist users and explores a number of themes that consider the Systemic Family Practice module as a whole, including the process of therapy and the therapist’s relationship to therapeutic models. Developments in systemic family therapy are considered, including attachment, trauma and therapist reflexivity. Finally, the session considers the key messages which should be taken from the module overall.

Promoting Attachment and Wellbeing Part 2: In Practice (MindEd)

Fri, 2015-10-16 12:46 -- fatima.almeda

This session is the second of two in a series focusing on attachment and wellbeing. The first session provided an overview of attachment theory and highlighted the importance of sensitive, responsive caregiving for the optimal development of the child's brain and the development of secure attachment.

Promoting Attachment and Wellbeing Part 1: Concepts (MindEd)

Fri, 2015-10-16 12:45 -- fatima.almeda

This session is the first of two in this series focusing on attachment and wellbeing. This first session will provide an overview of attachment whilst the second (Positive Parenting and Parenting Issues/Promoting Attachment and Wellbeing Part 2: Practice) will explore the range of attachment-based interventions that help to foster secure attachment.

Becoming Independent (MindEd)

Wed, 2015-07-15 11:39 -- fatima.almeda

This session is for a specialist audience: trainee and practising counsellors. It considers how attachment theory and human development explain the positive and negative experiences young adults can have as they emerge into independent beings. It will also consider how these experiences present in counselling and how counsellors can work collaboratively with young clients to further foster personal autonomy.

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