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Health Communication with Young People: Setting the Scene (MindEd)

Tue, 2015-08-11 12:49 -- fatima.almeda

Young people, parents, and health professionals each enter any health consultation with their own agenda and preconceived ideas. These will have an impact on the communication that subsequently takes place. In this session we describe some of the attitudes, emotions and issues that may affect the consultation and suggest ways by which it is possible to influence these in order to achieve a more positive outcome.

Building Confidence in Parents (MindEd)

Wed, 2015-07-15 12:47 -- fatima.almeda

This session is aimed at more experienced/specialist users and will look more closely at what parenting confidence means (in relation to self-esteem and self-efficacy) and why it is important to build confidence in parents involved in parent work. The session outlines the ways in which a therapist can build the confidence of parents who are receiving parent-training, and how confidence can also be addressed within the group setting.

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